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JYJ News Week of 6/19- 6/25/2017

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Kim Jaejoong in Japan
At 48 Holding's Grand Opening

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JJ IG Updates

[JJstagram] One night in Japan. It was short but good! See you at PARADISE tomorrow. Fullery has a really nice scent.
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Manhole Kim Jaejoong x UEE to attend 1st reading of script on 6/28 or on 29th at the latest ?amp=1
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Getting to know Uee


Fan Made posters

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Actor Jaejoong is Back!!!

Kim Jaejoong and UEE confirmed as male/female leads for KBS Drama Manhole
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KBS: UEE confirmed as leads for Manhole

Official: UEE both agencies confirmed to star in Manhole: Starring together for first time

[PT TR] UEE plays Kim Jaejoong's love interest Sujin

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[Cjes IG] decides on KBS2 Drama 'Manhole' this summer for his Drama Comeback in August

[JYJ FB] News of returning to the small screen in August with drama Manhole
김재중의 브라운관 복귀 소식!
드라마 '맨홀'로 돌아올게요 8월에 만나요!😘
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #드라마 #컴백 #KBS #맨홀 #8월 #첫방송 #7일의왕비 #후속 #으로_만나요
What a #surprise He's gonna #star on the KBS #upcoming Kdrama from #Aug Let's #catch up w/him! #Dope

Kim Jae-Joong (‘JYJ’) and Uee cast in KBS2 drama series “Man-Hole: Feel So Good” (English title)

KBS confirms Kim Jae Joong & UEE as main cast of upcoming drama 'Manhole'

Jaejoong and UEE cast as leads in upcoming drama 'Manhole'

UEE and JYJ's Jaejoong have been cast as leads in the upcoming KBS drama 'Manhole'.

On June 23, reports revealed Jaejoong and UEE will be playing opposite each other in a drama that revolves around a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage. Jaejoong is playing the role of Bong Pil, an unemployed man who's been studying for the civil servant exam for three years, while UEE is playing his love interest, Kang Su Jin.

'Manhole' will premiere following the finale of 'Queen for 7 Days' in August.


’s Kim Jaejoong And Confirmed As Leads In Upcoming Time Slip Drama

On June 23, it was confirmed that JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and UEE have both been cast as leads in KBS’s upcoming time-slip drama called “Manhole” (tentative title).
KBS’s “Manhole” is a comedy drama about a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage from happening in the present. Kim Jaejoong will be playing the lead male role of Bong Pil, who is a character that has been studying for the civil servant exam for three years and is the neighborhood’s token unemployed person. He’s an immature character who doesn’t feel the need to grow up and depends heavily on his father, who is a postmaster.
UEE will be taking on the lead female character of Kang Su Jin, a character that has built a metaphorical wall between herself and Bong Pil for 18 years; however, as her marriage date draws closer, her feelings waver as she begins to see Bong Pil’s love for her in a different light.
“Manhole” is set to begin airing after “Queen for 7 Days” comes to an end.



Jaejoong is LIFE!

This will never be Not funny! is !!! from…

[Cjes IG] Kim Jaejoong flies!
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V LIVE - Dating with at an amusement park! Is it true?(The spontaneous travel of JJ) 

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김재중과 놀이공원 데이트하면 이런 느낌?
풀버전 보러가기
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #검색 #여행 #인형뽑기 #고수가_등장했다 #놀이공원 #데이트 #바이킹 #디스코팡팡 #다_타러가자 #익사이팅 #풀코스 #이거_실화에요
Would being on a #date with JaeJoong to the #amusement_park be like this...? If you haven't #imagined it before, #start #imagining now because you're about to #virtually #experience it through the #second_episode of JaeJoong's #spontaneous #trip!

Epitome of our is


JJ IG Update

Always nice to wake up to this... is

"Wait a minute"

Hello 💚😊💚 We want one of those!

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  • Note: Seems like these items are for the upcoming JJ fanmeet at Paradise City...


    Jaejoong Update

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    [NEW PICS] 170621 Junsu shooting for Cyber Crime Prevention Promo Video! 👮


    Policeman Junsu



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    Looking forward to more !!!

    [JYJ FB] How to take selfie 🤳! (Scurry back to position)
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    [Cjes IG] One means one, not two. Two means two, not three... I'm ok traveling alone Spontaneous Trip Ep 2 will air on 6/23
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    [ENG] 170619 Jaejoong IG with Kim Heechul guess all song correct

    Heechul Pedia

    Our with of part 2


    Jaejoong Update
    From production team of Gummy's MV 'IIYO'

    [OTHER IG] Mustache.films Instagram Update: Gummy (거미) 'I I YO' ft. Kim Jaejoong Music Video


    News Update...

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    Trans NEWS] 170404 JYJ Kim Jaejoong visited a fan who is currently hospitalized in critical condition (cont)


    JJ IG Update

    Hot stuff

    [IG] Morning exercise Don't skip your lunch
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